Upcoming presentation: Grünbaum vs. De Koninck vs. Maritain


The following is the abstract of my forthcoming presentation at the 41st American Maritain Association meeting (here given its updated title). If you are interested in a personal copy, please e-mail me here.

A Thomistic Reply to Grünbaum’s Critique of Maritain on the Reality of Space

A Thomistic ontology of spacetime seems impossible, given Thomas Aquinas’s (1224–1275) outdated science and mathematics. Indeed, a critique of Jacques Maritain by Adolf Grünbaum proceeds apace, dismantling his attempts to save Thomistic philosophical realism from Einstein. However, Grünbaum’s attack was given in better form thirty years prior by the Belgian Thomist Charles De Koninck. The two critiques are analyzed. De Koninck’s arguments are superior to Grünbaum’s due to their greater precision as refutations as well as their more adequate ontology of spacetime, made possible but not explicit in Thomistic philosophy.


Categories: Charles de Koninck, Current Writing, Philosophy of Science, St. Thomas

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