What I Learn From Students During Exam Week

When I Discovered Your Words

I teach in a college whose students are, on the whole, rather impressive. They are without a doubt well above average in their self-discipline, their desire to learn the truth, and their maturity. I count myself fortunate for this, because as a professor I always hope to find students who are teachable, students who will be able to become, in their turn, the standard-bearers of a culture and civilization which is in many ways in decline.

Hence I am always disappointed at the end of each semester when exam time comes. Why is it that students whom I know to be mature, serious, interested in learning, and intelligent often demonstrate by their showing on exams that they cannot remember what their classes were for?

screen-shot-2013-04-13-at-5-10-05-pmThis question becomes all the more mysterious when one considers that the classes these students take are no ordinary classes. We do not allow our students…

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