What is a Thomist?

Jörgen Vijgen, in a wonderful essay over at Thomistica, answers the age-old Thomistic question about what it means to be a Thomist. He attempts (successfully) to harmonize the “doctrinal” approach to Thomism and the “methodological” approach through the “moral” or “psychological” approach, which he finds in the five “marks” or signs of a Thomist. This approach appeals to the possession of a certain habitus in one’s soul. Or, in his own words, he calls it the moral approach

because, while clearly combining the doctrinal with the methodological approach, John [of St. Thomas]’s emphasis lies on the intellectual and moral virtues required of a Thomist: humility, honesty, affectus and love for the truth, combined with a sense of realism regarding the human condition.

The essay and the literature it cites are worthwhile resources for teachers and students of the Angelic Doctor.

"Sed contra" or "Distinguo" or "Amplius" below ...

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