Forthcoming book translation


Bouguereau, Regina Angelorum (1900, detail; WikiCommons)

Gratefully, I can announce that the principal burden of work on the translation of Fr. Édouard Hugon’s Marie, pleine de grâce has finished. This includes an introduction, notes, and various appendices (two by Hugon himself, one by Garrigou-Lagrange, and two by myself). The book is a Mariology “in miniature,” an extended theological examination of all aspects of the mystery of the Mother of God by focusing upon her fullness of grace. The appendix by Garrigou-Lagrange is a translation of the eulogy he gave his confrère. My introduction, besides a consideration of the life of the author, includes a discussion of the nature of Mariology as a part of theology. My own two appendices treat, respectively, first, of the relationship between philosophy and Mariology and, second, attempt to provide an example of this relationship by defending, using the Thomistic metaphysical understanding of the created universe, the traditional Catholic teaching that Mary is the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Deo volente, the book will appear later this year, as a part of the Thomist Tradition book series published by Cluny Media and edited by Fr. Cajetan Cuddy, O.P.

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