ACPA Proceedings article

Now available at online as part of the 2018 ACPA Proceedings is an article of mine, “Is Personal Dignity Possible Only If We Live in a Cosmos?” A preprint version for personal use is available here. The abstract follows:

The Catholic Church has increasingly invoked the principle of human dignity as a way to spread the message of the Gospel in the modern world. Catholic philosophers must therefore defend this principle in service to Catholic theology. One aspect of this defense is how the human person relates to the universe. Is human dignity of a piece with the material universe in which we find ourselves? Or is our dignity alien in kind to such a whole? Or does the truth lie somewhere in between? The metaphysics of creation properly locates the human being in the universe as a part, ordered to the universe’s common good of order and ultimately to God. Human dignity is possible only in a cosmos; that this is concordant with modern scientific cosmology is briefly defended in the conclusion.

Categories: Charles de Koninck, Cosmology, Current Writing, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Nature, Postdoctoral Work, St. Thomas

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