Sacra Doctrina Project

Tradition, as Josef Pieper describes it, is something handed down from an original divine encounter. This is tradition in the primary sense—all other uses of the word are analogical. The sense of tradition that is first to us includes human traditions, and most of all traditions that pass on knowledge. These senses are all to […]

World enough and form

The following is the abstract from an essay of mine recently submitted for review. If you would like a personal copy of the final draft, please contact me. I’d love to hear your thoughts. This essay proposes a comprehensive blueprint for the hylomorphic foundations of cosmology. The key philosophical explananda in cosmology are those dealing […]

Ah, to Live in a Cosmos Again!

The folks over at Church Life Journal at the University of Notre Dame are publishing a special series during September on the relationship between science and religion. The series especially focuses on “the demise of the conflictual model of science and religion.” All of the posts in the series can be found through this link, and my […]

New translation project

After many years of eclectically reading of John of St. Thomas’s great Cursus Philosophicus, I’ve decided to begin the slow process (doubtless to take many more years) of translating the natural philosophical portions of this work into English. The results will be made available at this page. In due course, a translator’s preface, various notes, and […]

Chapter recently published

I’m happy to announce that an essay of mine, “St. Thomas and Modern Natural Science: Reconsidering Abstraction from Matter,” has been published by RIL Editores (Chile) as part of the collection Cognoscens in actu est ipsum cognitum in actu: Sobre los tipos y grados de conocimiento. The book is available here. The book does feature, […]

Философия физики с Родины —or, Philosophy of Physics from the Motherland

A current project of mine, related to the general endeavor of contemplating the philosophical foundations of modern cosmology, concerns the principle of least action. Among various articles and sources I have been studying for this sub-project include an article titled “Metaphysics of the Principle of Least Action” by Vladislav Terekhovich. I recently discovered another article of […]