Architectonic Wisdoms in Our Cosmos

Indeed: “Modern liberalism and modern science are two sides of the same coin.” To address the current crises they face, however, one must first look to what was rejected by the philosophical founders of the early modern age, that expectant tradition of theoretical wisdom handed on to us from the Stagirite. Science and Skepticism? With […]

A Faith Fearless in the Face of Truth

Recently, I heard of a young Catholic’s crisis of faith. He attributed it to his collegiate studies and a disconnect in its instruction of philosophy and the sciences. Philosophy seemed positively closed off from communication with the natural sciences. It had no healthy skepticism and was rather dogmatic. Further, given the close connection between philosophical […]

Thinking Things Together in Science and Philosophy

Read my recent contribution to Arc’s Philosophy section here, in which I bring Socrates’s observations in the Phaedo together with a recently proven paradoxical theorem in quantum physics and a result in the mathematics of emergent properties. There is surely a strange confusion of causes and conditions in all this. It may be said, indeed, that without […]

William James and “the total nature of reality”

Upon reading some background material on the debate about “the two cultures” that arose between C. P. Snow and F. R. Leavis, I happened upon this gem from William James. It’s been uploaded to The Appendix of Mis/Understanding. Of all insufficient authorities as to the total nature of reality, give me the “scientists,” from Münsterberg […]

Sine Thoma, Aristoteles mutus esset

Recently, I came across this gem, written by Petrus Hoenen in his Cosmologia (5th ed., 1956, p. 305). Hoenen, who obtained a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Leiden in 1912 (writing a dissertation on thermodynamics and studying under, among others, H. A. Lorentz), writes in this context against making form out to be a being, […]

Disgruntled scholastic readers

While looking for a book recently in the library stacks, I happened upon this Spanish tome (The Essence of Thomistic Philosophy), which bears the following inscription, yesteryear’s equivalent of today’s Amazon customer reviews: A translation of the concerned reviewer’s self-appointed epigraph: Warning: A very ‘light’ book. It tries to be very clear, but in the attempt […]