Shorting the Market on the Common Good

Over at Public Discourse, an essay by Joseph E. Capizzi and V. Bradley Lewis—entitled “Bullish on the Common Good?”—attempts to put recent conservative discussion about “the common good” in a more realistic and pragmatic light. They refer to C. C. Pecknold’s First Things essay, “False Notions of the Common Good” as well as two other … Continue reading Shorting the Market on the Common Good

IPC Presentation

For those interested, the final draft version of my presentation at the recent IPC Colloquium in Paris, celebrating the 50th anniversary of that institution, can be found at this link. A portion of the introduction follows: In his 1941 essay «Are the Experimental Sciences Distinct from the Philosophy of Nature?», Charles De Koninck argued that … Continue reading IPC Presentation

Summer Program in Philosophy and Science

The Thomistic Institute has just announced its third annual summer program, with the theme of “Chance and Indeterminacy in the Natural World.” The TI Summer Program website elaborates on this as follows: What are chance occurrences, and how has indeterminacy factored into the development of the natural world as we know it? The vocabulary of … Continue reading Summer Program in Philosophy and Science

IPC-Paris Conference Presentation

This March, the IPC-Facultés Libres de Philosophie et de Psychologie celebrates its 50th anniversary with a colloquium in honor the teachers of its own teachers, and inspiration for its pedagogical program, Charles De Koninck and Msgr. Maurice Dionne. The colloquium will take place from March 12–14, 2020. I’ve the honor of being one of the … Continue reading IPC-Paris Conference Presentation

Bonaventure and Hylomorphism

Charles De Koninck’s first doctoral student, Fr. Patrice Robert, OFM, published his dissertation on St. Bonaventure’s hylomorphism as a book, Hylemorphisme et devenir chez Saint Bonaventure, for which De Koninck wrote a brief preface. In it, De Koninck contrasts contemporary approaches to the problem of becoming and the discovery of the hylomorphic composition of substances with … Continue reading Bonaventure and Hylomorphism

Dignity in a cold, dark universe

The following is the abstract of a paper soon to be under review. If you would like a personal copy, please e-mail me here. Is Personal Dignity Possible Only If We Live in a Cosmos? The Catholic Church has increasingly relied upon the principle of human dignity as part of its evangelical mission in modern times. Catholic … Continue reading Dignity in a cold, dark universe

Upcoming presentation: Grünbaum vs. De Koninck vs. Maritain

  The following is the abstract of my forthcoming presentation at the 41st American Maritain Association meeting (here given its updated title). If you are interested in a personal copy, please e-mail me here. A Thomistic Reply to Grünbaum’s Critique of Maritain on the Reality of Space A Thomistic ontology of spacetime seems impossible, given Thomas Aquinas’s (1224–1275) … Continue reading Upcoming presentation: Grünbaum vs. De Koninck vs. Maritain