New essay: The CRISPR Conundrum

Over at Arc Digital, a new essay of mine about CRISPR. An excerpt: The Cartesian project of the mastery and possession of nature—now embodied by CRISPR—would recognize no boundaries of a Stoic “Nature.” The prospect of vast amounts of money to be earned and power to be gained from procuring and selling CRISPR technology impels many … Continue reading New essay: The CRISPR Conundrum

Why am I a Catholic?

So that this kind of Absurdity, may rightly be numbred amongst the many sorts of Madnesse. (Hobbes, Leviathan, I.8) That there are things or substances has always been the standing or falling proposition of Thomism, the only philosophy truly germane to that touchstone of Catholic faith—which is the dogma of transubstantiation. (Jaki, "Thomas and the Universe," … Continue reading Why am I a Catholic?