Dignity in a cold, dark universe

The following is the abstract of a paper soon to be under review. If you would like a personal copy, please e-mail me here. Is Personal Dignity Possible Only If We Live in a Cosmos? The Catholic Church has increasingly relied upon the principle of human dignity as part of its evangelical mission in modern times. Catholic … Continue reading Dignity in a cold, dark universe

Quaestio Quodlibet: Whether God could have made a better universe, or, the existence of radical natural evil

The following is a quodlibetal-type question that I recently received. Such questions are always welcome, just email them to me here. If God is all knowing and all powerful then does that mean He knew creating this specific universe with its physical laws would inevitably lead to them interacting in such a way as to … Continue reading Quaestio Quodlibet: Whether God could have made a better universe, or, the existence of radical natural evil

Christology, hermeneutics, and cosmology

Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P., in his recent book, The Incarnate Lord: A Thomistic Study in Christology (2015), has given us not only a magisterial tour-de-force but also a beautiful and moving example of the riches of theological reflection and sapiential fruit that are available in the return to Thomistic Christological science. I wish to highlight two … Continue reading Christology, hermeneutics, and cosmology

Upcoming conference presentation

Later this October, I will be presenting at the 2do Congreso Latinoamericano de Filosofía Científica, at Universidad de Chile, in Santiago. An English abstract of the presentation (which will be in Spanish) is below. As the talk is completed, I hope to provide portions for those interested to read. The Relevance of Neo-Aristotelian Formal Causality to the … Continue reading Upcoming conference presentation

Two medieval thought experiments in a vacuum

In his Cursus Philosophicus, John of St. Thomas considers the final six predicaments or categories in the second part of his Logic, and in q. 19, a. 3, he turns to ubi or “where,” the category that seems to add some being to locus or “place” as a type of quantity. The nub of the … Continue reading Two medieval thought experiments in a vacuum

First philosophy workshop in Santiago

The second annual postdoctoral workshop in philosophy, Segundas Jornadas Postdoctorales e Iniciación de Filosofía, offers a first chance for me to present the overview and first steps of my postdoctoral project. I am only one of many participants—you can view the entire schedule here. My presentation is titled: “¿Una Filosofía Aristotélica y Moderna de la Cosmología? … Continue reading First philosophy workshop in Santiago

News about postdoctoral research position

I am happy to announce that I am beginning a postdoctoral research position under the auspices of the Instituto de Filosofía at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile, and the supervision of Prof. José Tomás Alvarado, I am currently engaged in postdoctoral research in the philosophy of cosmology. A more complete description of … Continue reading News about postdoctoral research position