Dignity in a cold, dark universe

The following is the abstract of a paper soon to be under review. If you would like a personal copy, please e-mail me here. Is Personal Dignity Possible Only If We Live in a Cosmos? The Catholic Church has increasingly relied upon the principle of human dignity as part of its evangelical mission in modern times. Catholic … Continue reading Dignity in a cold, dark universe

Appendix of Mis/Understanding

I’ve just activated a new page, containing quotations from the “border wars” between philosophy and physics. It’s part of a scheme for a future (and short) book project, aimed at young students in both fields. For now, however, all there is of the book (besides a general outline) is an appendix of quotes.

Upcoming presentation: Grünbaum vs. De Koninck vs. Maritain

  The following is the abstract of my forthcoming presentation at the 41st American Maritain Association meeting (here given its updated title). If you are interested in a personal copy, please e-mail me here. A Thomistic Reply to Grünbaum’s Critique of Maritain on the Reality of Space A Thomistic ontology of spacetime seems impossible, given Thomas Aquinas’s (1224–1275) … Continue reading Upcoming presentation: Grünbaum vs. De Koninck vs. Maritain

Upcoming conference presentation

Later this October, I will be presenting at the 2do Congreso Latinoamericano de Filosofía Científica, at Universidad de Chile, in Santiago. An English abstract of the presentation (which will be in Spanish) is below. As the talk is completed, I hope to provide portions for those interested to read. The Relevance of Neo-Aristotelian Formal Causality to the … Continue reading Upcoming conference presentation

News about postdoctoral research position

I am happy to announce that I am beginning a postdoctoral research position under the auspices of the Instituto de Filosofía at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile, and the supervision of Prof. José Tomás Alvarado, I am currently engaged in postdoctoral research in the philosophy of cosmology. A more complete description of … Continue reading News about postdoctoral research position

Conference version of “Reconsidering Abstraction from Matter”

For those who have better things to do than read the 22pp version of my De Koninck abstraction paper, what follows is a slightly edited version of the 15-minute version of the paper which I delivered at the recent III Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Tomista. St. Thomas and Modern Natural Science: Reconsidering Abstraction from Matter 1. … Continue reading Conference version of “Reconsidering Abstraction from Matter”

The Empty Brain

The effects of the Cartesian view of human nature permeate our scientific thinking to an impressive degree. This is all the more a paradox since "the isolation of the mind from the body entails an isolation of the mind from the world" and hence the isolation of the knower from what he wants to know. The resulting … Continue reading The Empty Brain