First part of review essay published

Just out in the journal Scientia et Fides is the first part of a three-part review essay, which I coauthored with Geoffrey Woollard, of Naturaleza creativa. The abstract of this first installment follows: The short monograph Creative Nature (Francisco Javier Novo, Rubén Pereda, and Javier Sánchez -Cañizares. 2018. Naturaleza Creativa. Madrid: Rialp. ISBN: 978-84-321-4916-0. 196 pp. Paperback, €14.25) is … Continue reading First part of review essay published

Course in April

As part of the last stages of my postdoctoral project here in Chile, I’m happy to announce a course that I’ll be teaching this April at Universidad Gabriela Mistral: Dios y la Filosofía. The course is an overview of the fundamentals of natural theology, especially in view of modern science, following a classical Thomistic approach to … Continue reading Course in April

The Principle of Least Action at the ACPA

The following is a presentation given at the recent meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. It is a part of an ongoing project on the principle of least action, and this version will be incorporated in some manner in a longer paper, hopefully by the end of this year. Comments are most welcome.   … Continue reading The Principle of Least Action at the ACPA

Forthcoming presentations

The following are three presentations of mine in the USA and in Chile. A forthcoming post will details the works-in-progress about the principle of least action and its broader, umbrella project on the Aristotelian-Thomistic foundations of classical and modern physics. Part of this will be an annotated bibliography on the philosophy and physics of the … Continue reading Forthcoming presentations

World enough and form

The following is the abstract from an essay of mine recently submitted for review. If you would like a personal copy of the final draft, please contact me. I’d love to hear your thoughts. This essay proposes a comprehensive blueprint for the hylomorphic foundations of cosmology. The key philosophical explananda in cosmology are those dealing … Continue reading World enough and form

Two medieval thought experiments in a vacuum

In his Cursus Philosophicus, John of St. Thomas considers the final six predicaments or categories in the second part of his Logic, and in q. 19, a. 3, he turns to ubi or “where,” the category that seems to add some being to locus or “place” as a type of quantity. The nub of the … Continue reading Two medieval thought experiments in a vacuum

An Aristotelian and Modern Philosophy of Cosmology? (Presentation of 22 June)

The following is a modified-for-blog version of the presentation which I gave at the Segundas Jornadas Postdoctorales e Iniciación de Filosofía at the Institute of Philosophy, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, June 22. Your comments, criticism, or thoughts are welcome. An Aristotelian and Modern Philosophy of Cosmology? A Sketch of Research and Some Fundamental Problems • … Continue reading An Aristotelian and Modern Philosophy of Cosmology? (Presentation of 22 June)