The Action and Power of the Universe

Any critical thoughts (constructive or otherwise) would be appreciated on the following short draft. It is an outline of thoughts to be developed in greater depth for an upcoming paper. The thought-outline itself will be presented as such a schema (a “comunicación”) in Spanish translation at the upcoming IV Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Tomista in Santiago, … More The Action and Power of the Universe

Upcoming Presentations

  This November, I will be presenting a paper at one of the main sessions of the annual meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. The ACPA’s theme this year is “Philosophy, Catholicism, and Public Life,” and the CFP asked Association members to address, among other things, the philosophical presuppositions of various Church teachings. My … More Upcoming Presentations

Bonaventure and Hylomorphism

Charles De Koninck’s first doctoral student, Fr. Patrice Robert, OFM, published his dissertation on St. Bonaventure’s hylomorphism as a book, Hylemorphisme et devenir chez Saint Bonaventure, for which De Koninck wrote a brief preface. In it, De Koninck contrasts contemporary approaches to the problem of becoming and the discovery of the hylomorphic composition of substances with … More Bonaventure and Hylomorphism

Sertillanges and the seed-form of De Koninck’s “Cosmos”

Antonin-Gilbert Sertillanges, O.P., theologian, philosopher, and spiritual writer, is best known today for his marvelously beautiful La vie intellectuelle, son esprit, ses conditions, ses méthodes, or The Intellectual Life. However, he also wrote a comprehensive survey of the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, originally published as S. Thomas d’Aquin, in two volumes, and then republished with additions and … More Sertillanges and the seed-form of De Koninck’s “Cosmos”

St. Thomas Paving the Way for Cosmology

The following is a lecture delivered to the Hillsdale Catholic Society, at Hillsdale College, MI, 11 April 2018. I would like to thank Dr. Jeffrey Lehman and Samuel Roberts of the Catholic Society for their hospitality on campus, and The Catholic House off-campus for providing me with accommodations during my stay. The lecture was preceded … More St. Thomas Paving the Way for Cosmology