Vita contemplativa simpliciter est melior quam activa quae occupatur circa corporales actus, sed vita activa secundum quam aliquis praedicando et docendo contemplata aliis tradit, est perfectior quam vita quae solum contemplatur, quia talis vita praesupponit abundantiam contemplationis. ~ St. Thomas, ST, IIIa, q. 40, a. 1, ad. 2

To arrange a speaking engagement, please send me an email. I am always eager to share the fruits of my contemplation with others. I am open to various formats depending upon the needs of the audience and the topic (e.g., a formal lecture, a classroom-style lecture, a more informal presentation, a seminar, etc.).

Possible subject areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The philosophy of nature (in particular in view of the Thomistic and Aristotelian traditions)
  • The philosophy of science
  • The philosophy of cosmology
  • The history and development of cosmological theories
  • Metaphysical foundations of natural law, ethics, and politics

Previous invited presentations or talks of mine have included the following topics:

  • The nature of liberal education
  • Leisure and the contemplative life
  • The immortality of the human soul
  • Early modern philosophy, the birth of modern science & technology, and human happiness