Research & Academic Writing

St. Thomas, at an age [of 49], decided to stop writing, saying that what he had written was no better than straw. As a disciple of St. Thomas, I would have to describe my writings as secondhand straw. And we know that calls for a shovel. ~ R. McInerny

For my dissertation, see this page.

• Published papers (some not available for download; if so, please contact me):

“World Enough and Form: Why Cosmology Needs Hylomorphism.” (under review)

Operari sequitur esse y el principio de acción mínima.” (under review; final draft)

“Hylomorphism in an Unfinished Universe.” (undergoing revisions)

“A Thomistic Reply to Grünbaum’s Critique of Maritain on the Reality of Space.” (forthcoming in the 2018 Proceedings of the American Maritain Association, undergoing revisions)

“Is Personal Dignity Possible Only If We Live in a Cosmos?” (forthcoming in The Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, undergoing revisions)

“St. Thomas and Modern Natural Science: Reconsidering Abstraction from Matter.” In Cognoscens in Actu Est Ipsum Cognitum in Actu: Sobre Los Tipos y Grados de Conocimiento, edited by Carlos Augusto Casanova G. and Ignacio Serrano del Pozo, 433–471. Santiago: RIL Editores, 2018. (Buy the book here.)

“Charles De Koninck and the Sapiential Character of Natural Philosophy.” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 90, no. 1 (2016): 1–24. doi:10.5840/acpq20161570.

• My Research

Under the auspices of the Instituto de Filosofía at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile, and the supervision of Prof. José Tomás Alvarado, I am currently engaged in postdoctoral research in the philosophy of cosmology. My project is funded by CONICYT-FONDECYT, Postdoctoral Project No. 3170446.

• Projects in statu viae:

“St. Thomas and the Definition of the Universe”
“World Enough and Form”
“A Thomistic Ontology of Space and Time”
“Just What Was Thomistic Cosmology?”
“How the Thomistic Philosophy of Nature Is Relevant for Contemporary Cosmology”

Current book projects:

Brother Thomas and the Cosmos

I am also working on some translations:

Translation of Juan Eduardo Carreño, La filosofía tomista ante el hecho de la evolución del viviente corpóreo: Consideraciones metodológicas y conceptuales para una integracíon, Colección del Centro de Estudios Tomistas (Providencia, Chile: RIL Editores, 2017).

Translation with notes and appendices of John Poinsot, Cursus Philosophicus Thomisticus, Volumen II: Physica, Pars I, ed. Beatus Reiser (Taurini: Marietti, 1930). This project will be long and ongoing, with the results posted here.

Translation with appendices of Fr. Édouard Hugon, O.P., Marie pleine de grâce (Paris: P. Lethielleux, 1926) for Cluny Media, The Thomist Tradition Series (hopefully, to be released later in 2018! 2019?).

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