St. Thomas, at an age [of 49], decided to stop writing, saying that what he had written was no better than straw. As a disciple of St. Thomas, I would have to describe my writings as secondhand straw. And we know that calls for a shovel. ~ R. McInerny

By taking this as my epigraph here, caveat lector.

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Dissertation: “The Primum Mobile in the Thomistic Aristotelianism of Charles De Koninck: On Natural Philosophy as Architectonic.” (link to academia.edu) For a copy, please contact me.

“Charles De Koninck and the Sapiential Character of Natural Philosophy.” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 90, no. 1 (2016): 1–24. doi:10.5840/acpq20161570. (link to academia.edu)

“St. Thomas and Modern Natural Science: Reconsidering Abstraction from Matter.” Forthcoming in the Proceedings of III Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Tomista; Universidad Santo Tomas, Santiago, Chile, 19–21 July 2016. (link to academia.edu abstract)

“The Three Universes of St. Thomas Aquinas.” In the “Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas” Session, 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, May 13, 2016. (link to conference website; link to conference program)

“Contemporary Revivals of the Natural Philosophy of Cosmology.” Presented at the 2015 ACPA Conference, Boston, Mass., 8–11 Oct 2015. (link to academia.edu abstract; link to conference website)

“Whether Personal Freedom and Dignity Exist Only Because of a Common Good.” Presented at the 16th Annual NDCEC Conference, “For Freedom Set Free,” 20 Nov 2015. (link to conference website; link to conference program)

Licentiate thesis: “Mobiles, Bodies, and the Science of Quantified Motion”. Written under the direction of Dr. Richard F. Hassing.

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