Appearance on “Sed Contra” Podcast

For those interested in intellectual freedom, academic freedom, and the Catholic university, I joined Dr. Kevin Clarke on the Sed Contra podcast recently: “Truth, Freedom, and the Catholic University.” We discuss the Land O’Lakes document, definitions of intellectual freedom and academic freedom, as well as the relationship between the university and Catholic theology.

The World after Roe-and-Casey Constitutional Geocentrism

Updates: Footnote reference; medical pedagogy. Justice Clarence Thomas devotes most of his short concurrence in Dobbs v. Jackson to revisiting his longstanding opposition to substantive due process. Here is his third reason for “jettisoning the doctrine entirely”:  Third, substantive due process is often wielded to “disastrous ends.” For instance, in Dred Scott v. Sandford, the … Continue reading The World after Roe-and-Casey Constitutional Geocentrism

Making Images of the Cosmos

The following is the prepared text for a lecture delivered at Anthem Preparatory Academy, a Great Hearts charter high school in Anthem, AZ. The lecture was a part of a two-day colloquium for the junior and senior class, “Making Worlds,” also with guest speaker Dr. Andrew Seeley. The texts of the colloquium were selections from … Continue reading Making Images of the Cosmos