Cosmologiæ Scholasticæ


The revival of Thomism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was accompanied by a variety of neo-Scholastic “cosmologies,” defined in various ways and of varying degrees of quality and adeptness at engaging with the modern sciences. This page is dedicated to indexing the better examples of this genre, making available translations of select excerpts, or linking other translations (when available).

• Index of Scholastic Cosmologists

Access the Index Cosmologiæ Scholasticæ here {under construction}.

• Hoenen, Cosmologia (5ª ed.)

While Hoenen himself distances the scope of his magnum opus from this genera, it nonetheless stands as a prime example of the discipline. Below is an in-progress translation of excerpts from Petrus Hoenen’s Cosmologia. Currently available: prefaces and introduction (28 March 2019).


• English Translations of Scholastic Cosmologies

Éduoard Hugon, OP, Cosmology, translated by Francisco Romero Carrasquillo. Read more about it here.