Essays & Lectures

Academic Presentations

Chance and Indeterminate Causes in the Cosmos (Thomistic Institute audio)

The Principle of Least Action and Our Knowledge of Nature (Chile)

The Action and Power of the Universe (Principle of Least Action)

Operari Sequitur Esse and the Principle of Least Action

Dialectical Method in Peripatetic Philosophy of Nature and the Predicability of Physical Reality

The Relevance of Neo-Aristotelian Formal Causality to the Meta-Law Dilemma in Cosmology



Ah, to Live in a Cosmos Again! (Church Life Journal)

The Heart of Being (essay review of Knasas’s Thomistic Existentialism and Cosmological Reasoning;

Brother Thomas and the Universe (lecture at DSMME)

Common Sense, Science, and the Pursuit of Wisdom (lecture at Hillsdale College)

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God (essay review of Alcalde’s Cosmology Without God?

Making Images of the Cosmos (lecture at Anthem Preparatory Academy)

Some Mistakes Due to What Is Per Accidens (

St. Thomas Paving the Way for Modern Cosmology (lecture at Hillsdale College)

That Binding Yet Kindly Light (review of Brock’s The Light that Binds: A Study in Thomas Aquinas’s Metaphysics of Natural

Thinking Things Together in Science and Philosophy (Arc Digital)

Those Two Roads (

What Is the Philosophy of Nature? (essay review of Feser’s Aristotle’s Revenge;

probably about 1475-6

Politics, Ethics, & Culture

The CRISPR Conundrum (Arc Digital)

The Difference Between Ivory-Tower and Street-Level Scientism (Ethika Politika)

A Different Kind of Pro-Life Argument (Crisis Magazine)

A Natural Philosopher’s Lament (Public Discourse)

Kansas Supreme Court Empties ‘Natural Rights’ Of Meaning (The Federalist)

Will Gene Editing Allow for Human Perfectibility? (Crisis Magazine)

Van Gogh - 1890 Two Peasant Women Digging in Field with Snow