At the Heart of Being

Over at, one can find my review-essay of Dr. John F. X. Knasas’s recent book, Thomistic Existentialism and Cosmological Reasoning. From the introduction:

In the following review-essay, I explore in some detail Knasas’s argumentation and some of its consequences. First, I will look at some of the background to the issues regarding the contemporary Thomistic schools of thought so as to set forth what is at stake in the debate (§1). Then, I consider the scope and overall argumentative structure of the work (§2). Following that, the next several sections will examine the details of Knasas’s book (§§3–5). I then discuss its consequences and their criticisms, as well as further questions (§§6–7). Knasas’s latest articulation of Thomistic existentialism ought to awaken some Thomists from various dogmatic slumbers for various reasons. Indeed, it has helped me to see more clearly what is at stake in taking both Thomistic metaphysics and Thomistic natural philosophy seriously as speculative habitus, not merely as historical studies, and the challenges such clarity reveals.

In particular, I raise some questions based on arguments made by Msgr. John Wippel, Gaven Kerr, and Thomas Osborne.

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