New book review at Thomistica

See for a recent review of mine of Fr. Stephen Brock’s book The Light That Binds. An excerpt:

The Light that Binds is an erudite work of Thomistic scholarship and will serve those with sufficient familiarity of Aquinas and his sources as an insightful philosophical guide to a deeper understanding of the Angelic Doctor’s natural law teaching. It is especially helpful in providing responses to aspects of competing schools of interpretation. Brock does note and comment on literature in the field that postdates the work’s previous life as a doctoral dissertation, and there are no noticeable or culpable oversights in this regard. Still, eager graduate students of Thomistic philosophy would do well to compare and contrast the details of Brock’s articulation with, for instance Steven Jensen’s Knowing the Natural Law.

Where Brock’s book is best is in its attention to the theological and sapiential nature of its source material, the Summa Theologiae, which is read and interpreted as it was meant to be: as a whole, with attention to the synoptic architectural ratio of St. Thomas’s metaphysical and theological vision. This is especially the case when it comes to Brock’s emphasis upon how natural law is integrated into the character of the common good of the universe as the total object of God’s creative act. His crucial defense of a first principle of such magnitude—the primacy of the universe’s common good as constitutive of the ratio boni for a the universe of beings who are law-governed—is the first among many reasons why Fr. Brock’s The Light that Binds deserves a wide readership

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