The Question of Catholic Integralism: An Internet Genealogy

The purpose of this post is to recall the contours of the debate about Catholic integralism that have taken place in the “Internet Republic of Letters” over the past several years. The post is part genealogy, part introductory survey, and part reflection on the warp and woof of a discussion that is now intertwined with … Continue reading The Question of Catholic Integralism: An Internet Genealogy

Thomistic book on evolution—publication and translation

One of the ongoing cooperative projects I’m involved with is the translation of Juan Eduardo Carreño’s 2017 book, La filosofía tomista ante el hecho de la evolución del viviente corpóreo: Consideraciones metodológicas y conceptuales para una integración, or in its working title: Thomistic Philosophy in the Face of Evolutionary Fact. This is a general call for … Continue reading Thomistic book on evolution—publication and translation

Something ever new under the sun

From Fr. Ronald Knox, a sermon entitled “The Risen Christ,” from Pastoral and Occasional Sermons. There is nothing new under the sun. — Ecclesiastes 1:9 Behold, I make all things new. — Apocalypse 31:5 When Easter comes, the Church delights to remind herself of that newness which is in the risen Christ. [...] We are beginning … Continue reading Something ever new under the sun

IPC Presentation

For those interested, the final draft version of my presentation at the recent IPC Colloquium in Paris, celebrating the 50th anniversary of that institution, can be found at this link. A portion of the introduction follows: In his 1941 essay «Are the Experimental Sciences Distinct from the Philosophy of Nature?», Charles De Koninck argued that … Continue reading IPC Presentation

Review on Thomistica

Over at Thomistica is my review of Fr. David Alcalde’s Cosmology Without God? Here’s a brief excerpt: In his monograph, Cosmology Without God? The Problematic Theology Inherent in Modern Cosmology—a revised version of his doctoral dissertation written under Michael Hanby at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at the Catholic University of … Continue reading Review on Thomistica

Essay in forthcoming AMA volume

Soon to appear from the American Maritain Association, in conjunction with the Catholic University of America Press, is a collected volume of the contributions of the Association’s 2018 meeting. Edited by Matthew Minerd, it is entitled Facts are Stubborn Things: Thomistic Perspectives in the Philosophies of Nature and Science. The publisher’s blurb is below. My contribution … Continue reading Essay in forthcoming AMA volume

Summer Program in Philosophy and Science

The Thomistic Institute has just announced its third annual summer program, with the theme of “Chance and Indeterminacy in the Natural World.” The TI Summer Program website elaborates on this as follows: What are chance occurrences, and how has indeterminacy factored into the development of the natural world as we know it? The vocabulary of … Continue reading Summer Program in Philosophy and Science