Mary, Queen and Mother

The queen stood on thy right hand, in gilded clothing; surrounded with variety. Psalm 44:10 St. Thomas interprets Psalm 44:10 to describe qualities of the bride of Christ, the Church. However, he also notes that the verse and the qualities of the Church “can be explained as referring to the Blessed Virgin, who is Queen … Continue reading Mary, Queen and Mother

Misunderstanding the Rosary

During the last presidential election cycle, I heard of a parish regularly praying the rosary for our country after morning Mass. One ought to pray for one’s country. Surely love of country is not passé? Yet does it go too far to announce the name of one state for each of the fifty Hail Mary’s? … Continue reading Misunderstanding the Rosary

Book review at Thomistica

My review of John Grabowski’s Unraveling Gender and Abigail Favale’s The Genesis of Gender is available through Thomistica. An excerpt: These books can be read together with profit. Both together or either separately could find a place in a suitably designed course or seminar on these topics. While diverse in their literary and rhetorical styles, … Continue reading Book review at Thomistica

Appearance on “Sed Contra” Podcast

For those interested in intellectual freedom, academic freedom, and the Catholic university, I joined Dr. Kevin Clarke on the Sed Contra podcast recently: “Truth, Freedom, and the Catholic University.” We discuss the Land O’Lakes document, definitions of intellectual freedom and academic freedom, as well as the relationship between the university and Catholic theology.

Why Vote “Yes” on the Value Them Both Amendment?

On the primary election of August 2, 2022, Kansans will be presented with a ballot question about the constitutional amendment measure Value Them Both.  It is unlikely, but possible, that anyone taking the time to read this is unsure about how they will vote. It is unlikely that readers are unfamiliar with arguments for and … Continue reading Why Vote “Yes” on the Value Them Both Amendment?

The World after Roe-and-Casey Constitutional Geocentrism

Updates: Footnote reference; medical pedagogy. Justice Clarence Thomas devotes most of his short concurrence in Dobbs v. Jackson to revisiting his longstanding opposition to substantive due process. Here is his third reason for “jettisoning the doctrine entirely”:  Third, substantive due process is often wielded to “disastrous ends.” For instance, in Dred Scott v. Sandford, the … Continue reading The World after Roe-and-Casey Constitutional Geocentrism

Presentación online del libro

El Centro de Cultura y Vida Cristiana de la Universidad Gabriela Mistral invita a esta presentación en formato online del libro "La Existencia de Dios: Un diálogo entre la Cosmología y la Filosofía Tomista”, de autoría de John G. Brungardt. Participan en el evento como presentador Carlos Augusto Casanova, y como moderador Pablo Maillet, coordinador … Continue reading Presentación online del libro

The Ends in the Ending of Abortion

Some thoughts inspired by reflecting on the recent draft of an America after Roe and Casey. My town, after all, has a history with this issue. And the “Value Them Both” amendment for the state of Kansas will soon be voted for (August 2, 2022), hopefully to a resounding success, correcting the erroneous judgment in … Continue reading The Ends in the Ending of Abortion

Libro recién publicado / Recent book publication

I’m happy to announce that a small book has finally seen the light, based upon a course given in 2019 at the University of Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile. I thank my friend Pablo Maillet most heartily for the work he has put into this work as its editor—especially in smoothing over the various infelicities of … Continue reading Libro recién publicado / Recent book publication

Thomistic Institute Talk

Now available from the Thomistic Institute Soundcloud is an audio version of the presentation I gave in June 2021 at the Third Annual Thomistic Philosophy and Natural Science Symposium, "Chance and Indeterminacy in the Natural World." The talk is entitled “Chance and Indeterminate Causes in the Cosmos.” From the paper itself: Chance is a necessary part … Continue reading Thomistic Institute Talk