Short review of Feser’s Aristotle’s Revenge

Over at one can find my short review of Edward Feser’s Aristotle’s Revenge. The review is overall very positive. I hope to elaborate on some points of criticism of particulars of the book and its approach in later blog-posts.

A Perennial Philosophy of Nature

Just posted at the website of the American Catholic Philosophical Association is the program of the upcoming November meeting. “A Perennial Philosophy of Nature” is the theme. This topic in general is one which is both important and yet overlooked and misunderstood today. Usually, “natural philosophy” is either thought to be merely an old name … Continue reading A Perennial Philosophy of Nature

Философия физики с Родины —or, Philosophy of Physics from the Motherland

A current project of mine, related to the general endeavor of contemplating the philosophical foundations of modern cosmology, concerns the principle of least action. Among various articles and sources I have been studying for this sub-project include an article titled “Metaphysics of the Principle of Least Action” by Vladislav Terekhovich. I recently discovered another article of … Continue reading Философия физики с Родины —or, Philosophy of Physics from the Motherland

Bonaventure and Hylomorphism

Charles De Koninck’s first doctoral student, Fr. Patrice Robert, OFM, published his dissertation on St. Bonaventure’s hylomorphism as a book, Hylemorphisme et devenir chez Saint Bonaventure, for which De Koninck wrote a brief preface. In it, De Koninck contrasts contemporary approaches to the problem of becoming and the discovery of the hylomorphic composition of substances with … Continue reading Bonaventure and Hylomorphism