A Natural Philosopher’s Lament

Over at Public Discourse is a new essay of mine, “A Natural Philosopher’s Lament.” An excerpt from the essay: There already exists a tradition of natural philosophy, originating with Aristotle and his medieval commentators. Just as a Thomistic natural law theory still defends the fundamental knowledge about which a wide-ranging tradition of jurisprudence and constitutional law has … Continue reading A Natural Philosopher’s Lament

William James and “the total nature of reality”

Upon reading some background material on the debate about “the two cultures” that arose between C. P. Snow and F. R. Leavis, I happened upon this gem from William James. It’s been uploaded to The Appendix of Mis/Understanding. Of all insufficient authorities as to the total nature of reality, give me the "scientists," from Münsterberg … Continue reading William James and “the total nature of reality”

Recent additions to the “Appendix”

Two recent additions to the “Appendix of Mis/Understanding”. The first comes from C. P. Snow: A good many times I have been present at gatherings of people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists. Once … Continue reading Recent additions to the “Appendix”