Chilean philosophy course comes to a close …

After the end of the course, with those who attended the series of lectures.

Thanks to the good folks at Universidad Gabriela Mistral, and my good friend Pablo Maillet, my short extension course, a series of lectures on “God and Philosophy,” came to a successful close this week. A short description and news story from UGM can be found here. The Spanish text reads:

Yesterday saw the successful conclusion of a course given by Prof. John Brungardt, PhD Catholic University of America, which was conducted in our university during March and April. The course treated the contemporary debate over the existence of God and whether or not it is possible to demonstrate that God exists by way of modern science. The instructor, John Brungardt, with a doctorate in the philosophy of science and a current postdoctoral researcher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, reviewed the principal modern theories utilized by modern atheists. Among others, he considered the Big Bang Theory in the work of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, as well as Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which tend to be employed as demonstrating the non-existence of God. Dr. Brungardt explained that these theories do not support such a claim, much less in a conclusive or demonstrative way. Among those attending the course were religious, lawyers, and philosophers, complemented by the presence of students of various fields at our university.

Now that the course has finished, we are revising the text of the lectures. They will be published as a short book: Dios y la filosofía: La existencia del divino, la sabiduría de Santo Tomás y la cosmología moderna.

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