Waldstein on Integralism

For those interested in a deeper, theological and metaphysical defense of integralism, consider Pater Edmund Waldstein’s recent essay at Church Life Journal, “Integralism and the Logic of the Cross.” It is in response to an earlier CLJ essay by Timothy Troutner, “The Integralist Mirroring of Liberal Ideals.” Troutner himself cites an earlier essay by Pater Edmund at CLJ, … Continue reading Waldstein on Integralism

Ah, to Live in a Cosmos Again!

The folks over at Church Life Journal at the University of Notre Dame are publishing a special series during September on the relationship between science and religion. The series especially focuses on “the demise of the conflictual model of science and religion.” All of the posts in the series can be found through this link, and my … Continue reading Ah, to Live in a Cosmos Again!

Review of a new edition of a work by John of St. Thomas

Cluny Media has recently reprinted the 1951 Sheed & Ward edition of John of St. Thomas' The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, translated by Fr. Walter Farrell, O.P., with a new introduction by Fr. Cajetan Cuddy, O.P., written especially for this reprint. The editor-in-chief, John Clarke, provided me with a copy of the book, and what follows … Continue reading Review of a new edition of a work by John of St. Thomas