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Recently published at is an essay of mine, “Some Mistakes Due to What Is Per Accidens.” The essay discusses four philosophical mistakes when what is per accidens is taken to be what is actually per se to something. This logical error was discussed with lucidity by Dr. Duane Berquist in his lectures on logic, and hence I … Continue reading Essay at

Seeing, Choosing, and Pro-Life Arguments

Recently published at Crisis Magazine is a philosophical reflection of mine on arguments for and against abortion in our culture. An excerpt: As the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre argued nearly forty years ago, our public debates about abortion rest upon conceptually incommensurable premises. That is, we accept no common ground by which to measure or compare the truth … Continue reading Seeing, Choosing, and Pro-Life Arguments

Architectonic Wisdoms in Our Cosmos

Indeed: “Modern liberalism and modern science are two sides of the same coin.” To address the current crises they face, however, one must first look to what was rejected by the philosophical founders of the early modern age, that expectant tradition of theoretical wisdom handed on to us from the Stagirite. Science and Skepticism? With … Continue reading Architectonic Wisdoms in Our Cosmos

The Principle of Least Action (Chile)

The following presentation is another entry in my attempts to understand the principle of least action from a Neo-Aristotelian perspective. It was presented at First Chilean Conference on the Philosophy of Physics. In the presentation, I engage the views of Vladislav Terekhovich and Vassilis Livanios, who have both provided keen counterpoints to dispositionalist approaches to … Continue reading The Principle of Least Action (Chile)

The Principle of Least Action at the ACPA

The following is a presentation given at the recent meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. It is a part of an ongoing project on the principle of least action, and this version will be incorporated in some manner in a longer paper, hopefully by the end of this year. Comments are most welcome.   … Continue reading The Principle of Least Action at the ACPA

Forthcoming presentations

The following are three presentations of mine in the USA and in Chile. A forthcoming post will details the works-in-progress about the principle of least action and its broader, umbrella project on the Aristotelian-Thomistic foundations of classical and modern physics. Part of this will be an annotated bibliography on the philosophy and physics of the … Continue reading Forthcoming presentations

Is mobile being the formal object of natural philosophy?

Now available is an updated version of my ongoing translation project of John of St. Thomas’s Cursus Philosophicus. The new edition adds Q. 1, A. 1, which considers whether mobile being is the formal object of Philosophy (i.e., natural philosophy). This article serves, in most respects, as an extended commentary on the truth of a single sentence … Continue reading Is mobile being the formal object of natural philosophy?